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Orange Revamps Its Broadband Offerings

UK wireless carrier Orange has updated its mobile broadband packages by introducing three new types of connections.

According to the company, its mobile broadband packages will come in three forms, small, medium and large.

The small package will come with 500MB of data limit for £10 per month and £5 for existing Orange customers. The medium package will come with 1GB of data and unlimited access to BT Openzone WiFi for £15 a month or £10 per month for Orange customers.

The large package will offer 3GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi for £30 a month or £25 per month for existing Orange customers.

To qualify as an existing Orange customer, users must have an Orange Pay-as-you-Go phone, a monthly contract phone or a home broadband connection.

The company has also dished out the E5830C Mobile WiFi device which is capable of broadcasting mobile broadband signal as Wi-Fi to five devices. The device also comes with a microSD slot to allow users to share files between devices. Orange is offering the device in a range between £20 and £60 depending on the plan.

The E5830C features a small screen which tells how strong the signal is for users’ benefit and even displays the battery status.