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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban lifted - for now

The court in Düsseldorf responsible for a pan-European ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet has lifted the injunction following questions regarding its rights outside Germany and the evidence given by Apple.

The injunction, which saw sales of the tablet banned across Europe excluding the Netherlands, came as Apple claimed that Samsung had wilfully copied its iPad design in the creation of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android-powered tablet.

Samsung, for its part, claimed that it had not been given a chance to defend itself before the injunction was ordered, and recent claims have come forward that Apple's evidence provided to the court was flawed - with one image in particular modified to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 look more iPad-like.

While the court has yet to issue an official statement, initial reports indicate that the injunction has been lifted following complaints to the court asking under what right it claimed to speak for the entirety of Europe, rather than the region under which it operates.

As a result, the ban is believed to be in place in Germany but now lifted across the rest of Europe. As the court reviews the evidence, that German ban may be lifted too - or the court might decide to attempt to re-issue the pan-European injunction with the help of a higher court.