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Samsung Hires Android Hacker Steve Kondik, CyanogenMod To Continue

Korean Electronics giant Samsung has reportedly hired one of the leading names in the Android developer community - Steve Kondik, more famously known as “Cyanogen” of CyanogenMod 7.

The news of his joining Samsung surfaced only after it was discovered earlier today that the employment status in his Facebook page was changed into ‘Samsung Mobile Software Engineer’.

Cyanogen is a role model for thousands of users around the globe who just love the idea of tweaking around with their Android devices and pushing them to the limits. However, what his role is going to be in team-Samsung continues to hold a mystery.

“Now what does this mean for Samsung? We have no idea. Likely it’ll mean some modifications in the future to TouchWiz reflecting the innovations Cyanogen himself has made, thusly improving the Android landscape as a whole depending on how you look at it,” SlashGear notes in its report.

And regarding the future of CyanogenMod, Kondik has reportedly assured that he will continue to be a part of CyanogenMod, and will assist the group with his expertise irrespective of his new role in Samsung.

He also asserted that as of now, he has no plans to license CyanogenMod directly. [Image courtesy]