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Tesco Drops Price Of Nintendo 3DS To £110

Supermarket giant Tesco has cut the price of the Nintendo 3DS to £110, a quasi official acknowledgement that the 3DS, which was only launched back towards the end of March in the UK, is not selling as well as expected.

It's hard to believe that the console was originally put on preorder at the beginning of the year for a staggering £299, nearly three times more than its current selling price at Tesco, although its original selling price was £230.

Tesco sells the 3DS for £115 but that can be discounted even further thanks to a £5 voucher (TDX-MNGH) although that excludes the cost of delivery. Both Asda and Amazon have the 3DS in stock for a more expensive £134, and they do not come with the additional 230 Clubcard points worth £2.30 on its own.

At that price, the 3DS is only £23.24 more expensive than the DSi, a slightly smaller and also inferior product, and costs the same as the DSi XL whose main advantage remains the two 4.2-inch displays.

Whether this will be enough to boost sales of the 3DS remains to be seen, but there is now a real possibility that we shall see a sub £100 3DS gaming console by Christmas should the likes of Tesco and Asda start bundling games and/or selling it as a loss leader.