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Verizon Promotion May Indicate October iPhone 5 Release

Verizon is soon launching a new promo, targeting feature phone users coming towards the end of their 2 year contracts or those eligible for upgrade. The customers are offered a $100 Verizon giftcard should the users convert from a basic phone to a smartphone. The offer is expected to be launched this week in the US Midwest and will last until September 30th, giving users a special code to enter on the Verizon Trade In site.

With this offer ending in September, it could hint at an October launch of the iPhone 5. Verizon is probably looking to sell its current iPhone handsets before the eagerly awaited release, since as soon as the iPhone 5 launches, the carrier will most likely be selling the smartphones pretty well without a promo.

Apple also likes to have a certain degree of control over the price of its iDevices and wouldn't necessarily want a 'discounted' iPhone 5 at launch, which again maybe suggests October as the month.

While Verizon is likely to clear any promotions before Apple's iPhone 5 launch, the deal isn't necessarily related to the upcoming iPhone. It could be just another random deal for customers, as the $100 giftcard can also be used for high margin accessories or for paying a bill say.