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We Have Entered The Post-PC Era, Founding IBM Engineer Says

The era of personal computers is drawing to a close, an IBM exec who helped engineer the first ever PC has claimed in a blog post, marking the 30th anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer.

Mark Dean, Chief Technology Officer for IBM Middle East and Africa, was one of the 12 engineers who designed the first IBM Personal Computer.

Dean said in a blog post that personal computers were going the way of vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs.

"I, personally, have moved beyond the PC as well. My primary computer now is a tablet," Dean confessed.

The engineer claimed that PCs were not being replaced by any one device in particular but by the fact that computing can play a bigger role in progress.

“These days, it’s becoming clear that innovation flourishes best not on devices but in the social spaces between them, where people and ideas meet and interact. It is there that computing can have the most powerful impact on economy, society and people’s lives,” he said.

Dean’s claims come as the personal computer market is slowing and declining to make way for smartphones and tablet devices. The drop in PC sales has resulted in a fall in sales of the Microsoft Windows operating system as well.