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Apple Sued Over iPhone Location Tracking By 27,000 Koreans

Apple Inc will be facing yet another legal battle over the issue of its inappropriate practice of collecting users’ location data, this time with a group of iPhone users from South Korea, tech website Thinq reports.

According to reports, about 27,000 iPhone users from the country have collaboratively filed a class action against the Cupertino-based tech heavyweight, which accuses Apple of invading the privacy of its users through the unauthorised and illegal collection of location data.

Worse still, if Apple loses this new bout of legal conflict facing it, the company may have to pay as much as 1 million won ($930) in fines to each of the complainants in the lawsuit, which doesn't seem likely to happen, as it would mean an initial $25 million pay out and no doubt a flood of similar suits from tens of thousands of others.

“I’m an iPhone user myself, so when I first heard about this in the media, I reviewed the legality of the matter based on Korean law.... I concluded it was clearly illegal,” Kim Hyeong Seok, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said by telephone before the suit was filed, Bloomberg reports.

Earlier in the year, the company was dragged into the courts by some iPhone and iPad users, who claimed that Apple was directly collecting detailed information on their movements. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.