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AMNews: UK Allots £362m for Rural Broadband, ICO & Google Privacy Policies, Zynga Interested in Google+

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, through the backing of the UK government has announced plans of pumping approximately £362 million into bringing superfast broadband to rural areas in England and Scotland. The government is optimistic about the plans and said that the above said funding will result in 90 percent of rural areas in Britain getting access to superfast broadband by 2015.

Intel has revived its Intel Upgrade Service campaign to upgrade three of its processors below present standards through software upgrades. The will help customers running processors with relatively outdated technology i.e. the Core i3-2312M, Core i3-2102, and Pentium G622 to upgrade their processors to 2393M, 2153 and Pentium G693 respectively by paying certain fee.

Microsoft Corporation on Monday announced discontinuation of its not so famous eBook reader application. The software giant has decided to end support for all the variants of the Reader app for eBooks. The company will not sell anymore content through the Reader app starting November 8, while the support will be withdrawn subsequently.

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) of the UK has revealed that Google has made radical improvements to its privacy policies since the Street View debacle but there is still room for improvement. In an internal audit of Google’s privacy policies and procedures, the ICO said that the company had made a lot of improvement in better protecting the information that it handles.

Game publishers for social networking sites are playing their part in intensifying the battle between Google+ and Facebook. Google+, even though in beta, has already started attracting a handful of reputed game publishers like Zynga and EA. When it comes to integrating online gaming with social media platforms, Facebook, needless to say, did an amazingly good job and Google having recently announced support for games in Google+ is also following the same path.