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Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 Update

Software giant Apple Inc has released the first ever update to its Lion Operating System which is still in a nascent platform, to fix a number of flaws that surfaced on public forums shortly after the OS was released to the public.

According to tech website Computer World, the update to Mac OS X 10.7 also called Lion has been released in four versions which include: a general update for both client and server versions of Mac OS X Lion, a more specific update for both MacBook Air and Mac Mini client versions, and one update for Mac Mini server.

Apple said that the update 10.7.1 brings with it solutions to bugs that pose trouble in playing videos in Safari, enhances the WiFi connection along with silencing the inappropriate sound that users report has emerged while using HDMI adaptors.

For the MacBook Air the update has dealt with a problem of an unstable display, while the Mac Mini has received a fix to enhance the speed of data transfer through the SD Card slot.

Some users are disappointed with the absence of any solution to a reported issue that causes Lion to shut down almost randomly.

You can access the 10.7.1 updates for Mac Mini and MacBook Air via this link; while the update for other devices is available here.