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Apple sued by 27,000 South Koreans over tracking

Just when Apple thought it had put Locationgate behind it, a law firm representing a group of 27,000 South Korean iPhone owners has announced that it is suing the company for breach of privacy.

While previous attempts to bring the company to task for silently recording the location of a user's iPhone in an internal database - such as a pair of US residents who applied for a class action suit against the company - have been relatively small scale, this most recent action sees 27,000 individuals named as victims of Apple's snooping ways.

According to a local Bloomberg report, the class-action members are seeking a million South Korean Won each for the alleged invasion of privacy - and while that might sound like a heartache even for a company as rich as Apple, that equates to £568 at current exchange rates.

The move comes shortly after South Korea's telecommunications regulation authority fined Apple for what it reported was unauthorised tracking of its users, and ordered the company to implement encryption of the location database to prevent future invasions of privacy.

That fine totalled three million Won, whereas if the company loses the class-action suit it could find itself on the hook for 27 billion Won in damages - or around £15.3 million - plus court costs. Should more South Korean citizens apply to join the class, that figure could rise signficantly.