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BBC Lands in Copyright Muddle over Twitter Pics

British broadcaster BBC is in a middle of a fresh row after a blogger and an amateur photographer expressed his disappointment with the channel for not giving the due credit to photographers whose images the channel used via Twitter.

According to the British Journal of Photography, Andy Mabbett, a blogger has taken to web to express his disappointment over the treatment meted out to photographers who put their pictures on social networking websites such as Twitter, by the BBC.

Mabbett has accused BBC for using random images from Twitter during the riots in Tottenham, London without giving any credit to the owner. His disappointment surged with the cold reply sent to his request by the channel.

Nearly 10 days later, Mabbett published the reply he got from BBC on his Twitter account which read, "Twitter is a social network platform which is available to most people who have a computer and therefore any content on it is not subject to the same copyright laws as it is already in the public domain."

The response has earned backlash from the photographer community of the country that has forced the channel to reconsider the complaint as social media editor at BBC, Chris Hamilton stated that the channel does not want to harm the rights of any photographer, and the incidence has again reminded it of its aim.