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Faster SSD from Samsung, SSD 830 Announced

Consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung Corporation on Wednesday released a new range of solid state hard drives, entitled the Samsung SSD 830 series.

According Slash Gear, South Korean electronics firm Samsung released a new range of SSD hard drives that offer storage space of up to 512 GB along with latest SATA 3.0 interface. The new range is touted as a premium successor of Samsung’s SSD 470 series which was released in the market last year.

The company states that the SSD series, which is believed to be releasing to customers later this year, is significantly faster version of the previous range of hard drives. Manufacturers will release SSDs in four sizes, starting from minimum 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and maximum 512GB.

“This should give peak performance a boost, and we expect the SSD 830 to deliver peak performance of about 500Mbps when reading data, and 350MBps during write operations. If/when those numbers are confirmed by independent reviews , they would be considered impressive, even by “Enterprise” standards.” Ubergizmo reads.

The hard drives will come with an adapter within a size range of 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch along with a cable to connect the USB drive with SATA adaptor.

The company has not spoken anything about the prices of the new range yet, however, experts are not anticipating much difference from the previous range which was priced at $550.