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French Carrier Mentions 'iPhone 5' In Job Posting

An apparently accidental leak by Apple's primary smartphone carrier in France has added to the speculation and flood of rumours regarding the iPhone 5.

The name of the expected device is not known for sure, with titles such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4G as well as the iPhone 5 having been put forward. Another uncertain fact, somewhat closely related to its name, is whether the forthcoming iPhone will be a completely upgraded model (probably named iPhone 5) or only a slightly enhanced version (possibly 4S), and whether it will be 4G LTE compatible.

A possible answer to the questions comes all the way from France, namely from mobile carrier Orange. The operator posted a job offer on its website for a multimedia analyst position, mentioning, among the requirements, the ability to determine how the 'iPhone 5' could impact consumers' Internet use.

Shortly after posting the job offer, the iPhone 5 note was removed. Orange, Apple's official French carrier partner, probably mentioned the iPhone 5 accidentally. The fact that Orange quickly removed the job posting, could mean that Orange has leaked some secret information that shouldn't have been made public.

Apple's partners aren't allowed to reveal information before an official launch, so the apparent blunder and Orange's rush to erase the details could be another indication of the approaching release of Apple's smartphone which may indeed be called the iPhone 5 after all.