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Google Related Recommends More While You Browse

Search engine giant Google has released a new toolbar feature for Chrome which displays web pages related to the current web page being viewed on the web browser.

Google Related, which has been launched as a Google Chrome Extension and Google Toolbar feature, will allow users to see content relevant to the web page they are viewing on the web browser.

When users are viewing a page related to a news article, online shopping or eating joint or anything for that matter, Google Related will find content related to the topic that is currently being viewed

“For example, if you visit a restaurant’s website, Related can show you a map, reviews from Google Places, mentions from across the web and other similar eateries that you might want to try,” Google explained in a blog post.

The information will be displayed on a thin bar located at the bottom of the screen, which will remain minimised until users hover their mouse over it. Google said that if users find something interesting on Google Related, they can also share it with their friends by using +1.

Users will be able to manage Google Related and even disable if they wish to do so, from the Options menu.

Watch the video explaning Google Related below: