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HSPA+ MIFI device comes to Three

Mobile phone network Three has announced an update to their mobile WIFI range, which brings in access to an HSPA+ network with home broadband speeds.

Three has been ranging these Huawei built MIFI devices since late 2009, which arrive with a self-contained power source and offers up a access to a mobile broadband connection over WIFI for a number of devices – away from home broadband.

The new E586 device is said to be around 40-percent faster than the previous unit, where those figures will increase even more when Three upgrades its network to HSPA+, which is provides speeds of up to 21.1Mbps downloading and 5.76 Mbps uploading.

Three is aiming to have 80-percent of their mobile phone network upgraded to the HSPA+ standard by the end of this year, with the rest of the country soon to follow after 2011.

Huawei's E586 will offer up a fast and secure WIFI internet connection to the likes of iPads, laptops or handheld games whilst the OLED screen displays information such as data usage, speed of connection and browsing time.

Three hasn’t offered any costs to the new MIFI product, although it will be available in September, with a charging cradle, support for 32GB microSD cards and a 4.5 hour battery life.

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