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HTC Launches Evo 3D In Asia Before iPhone 5 Release

While there is still no official date for Apple's iPhone 5, other smartphone makers are going about their own business, releasing new devices into the highly competitive market.

Ahead of the iPhone 5 release, smartphone maker HTC has launched its first 3D smartphone into the local Taiwanese market. The timing in relation to Apple's expected launch this autumn, may or may not be a coincidence. Some experts have suggested it is the opportune moment for HTC, since the new 3D phone will stand a far better chance without the iPhone 5 around.

The smartphone, named the HTC Evo 3D features a 4.3 inch touchscreen and is capable of capturing and playing images in 3D, without the need for special glasses.

"This is very good timing and puts the product on the market before Apple launches its iPhone 5," commented Cliff Lai, co-president of Taiwan Mobile, the mobile operator which is carrying HTC's smartphone, The Economic Times reports. Taiwan Mobile and HTC partnered up for the release of HTC Evo 3D.

The smartphone, which is already on sale in US, comes with the Google Android 2.3 operating system and will rival the LG Optimus 3D, with other handsets from Samsung and Sony Ericsson also on the way. The price is a little bit spicy, as the recently launched phone will cost $760 (Tw $21,900).