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Joyent Ports KVM to SmartOS Operating System

Cloud computing services provider Joyent has announced that it has managed to port KVM to its SmartOS cloud based operating system.

The open source SmartOS platform is capable of turning any server into an efficient, multi-tenant application hosting platform.

Joyent, a member of the Open Virtualisation Alliance offers a platform capable of allowing hardware virtualisation using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for operating system dependencies and operating system virtualisation for language runtime dependencies, both in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.

"Joyent SmartOS is the first hypervisor platform to emerge in five years, and it's the only cloud server solution that can manage both KVM hardware virtualization and operating system-level virtualization on a single OS," said Jason Hoffman, founder and chief scientist of Joyent.

"This combination of virtualization options, data consistency through ZFS and access to DTrace for rapid troubleshooting, is the most powerful and efficient collection of technologies in cloud application development. I invite developers who use VMWare, Citrix, Red Hat or Microsoft hypervisor tools to try this open source package." he continued.

The platform offers tools for both developers and enterprise users, allowing to store and run virtual applications on the cloud.

SmartOS with KVM is available for download from here.