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Mozilla Firefox 6 Now Available Officially

Open source outfit Mozilla has dished out the sixth version of its popular Firefox web browser just two months after the launch of Firefox 5.

Firefox 6 is not being considered as a major release but it comes with certain tweaks and feature enhancements nonetheless.

Some of the new features that come with the browser include site specific permissions which allows the users to set permissions for accessing cookies, password saving, pop-ups and location for particular websites.

Mozilla has also enhanced the site identity block feature which lets users see exactly where on the web they are or to find whether the website they are on is legit. The company has also improved the Panorama feature with faster tab groups.

The company has also introduced new tools for the developers including a text editor called Scratchpad which allows developers to write, edit and execute JavaScript code.

“Interaction with Scratchpad is quite different. It throws away the “one line of input gives you a line of output” interaction in favour of a text editor that knows how to run JavaScript,” Mozilla said in a blog post.

Mozilla has also improved the auto-complete tool in Firefox’s Web Console and has even added the ability to change the console’s location.