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Nintendo Eyeing Christmas Sales, Rejigs Wii Console

Japanese video game maker Nintendo has announced a new version of the existing Wii video game console to tap the market during the year end sale season.

According to thinq_ Nintendo has announced to release a slim version of Nintendo Wii, the gaming console which was released by the company back in 2006, to instigate sale of the console during this holiday, but on the other hand is ditching backwards compatibility.

The Wii gaming console has undergone design makeover for the first time ever since its release which include a Wii Remote Plus controller, and Nunchuks sub-controller. Also the new version has been streamlined to sit flat on the surface rather than stand vertically.

One of the highest grosser for Nintendo, Wii has sold more than 87 million units across the world. The company is preparing to launch, market and sell the revamped version of Wii in an affordable price before its successor, Wii U is released in the market, in 2012.

“Those looking for the perfect present for all the family this Christmas can look no further than the new value Wii bundle. It not only offers great value to European fans, but introduces a streamlined Wii console with a slightly altered configuration.” the company said in an official statement.