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Noon News: Court Lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban, PS3 Price Cuts, Amazon Secure Cloud Platform for Government

A German court has lifted the temporary ban on sale and marketing of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet device from the EU except Germany. The Düsseldorf district court of Germany, which previously imposed an injunction against the sale of Galaxy tab across all the nations in the EU except the Netherlands, has lifted the ban till August 25, which happens to be the next date for hearing for the case filed by Apple.

After being available unofficially for about 3 days, Firefox 6 has been officially launched by the open source outfit Mozilla. This release comes barely two months after the launch of Firefox 5. Experts do not consider Firefox 6 as a major update as it only comes with certain tweaks and feature enhancements.

Following the price cut move by Nintendo for its 3DS console, Sony Corporation has slashed the price of its PlayStation 3 console by one fifth across the United States, Europe and Japan. This seems to be a gimmick to boost PS3 sales in the upcoming holiday season. Due to the recent PSN hacks, Sony had seen a tremendous decline in the sales of PS3.

Amazon Web Services has rolled out cloud computing platform designed specifically for US government agencies. The AWS GovCloud Region has been designed to allow agencies to fulfil the regulatory requirements of the US government while accessing a secure and flexible cloud computing environment.

BBC is in a middle of a fresh copyright dispute after a blogger and an amateur photographer expressed his disappointment with the channel for not giving the due credit to photographers whose images the channel used via Twitter. According to the British Journal of Photography, Andy Mabbett, a blogger has taken to web to express his disappointment over the treatment meted out to photographers who put their pictures on social networking websites such as Twitter, by the BBC.