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Oracle Intends to Hire 1700 Employees, Cites Growth in EMEA

New reports have revealed enterprise software maker Oracle’s intentions of carrying out a massive recruitment drive all across Europe.

Oracle currently enjoys a workforce comprising of over 108,000 employees scattered all around the world. However, the company is aiming at recruiting another 1700 new employees from the European countries.

It is important to note here that Europe contributes to near about one-third of the company’s overall revenues.

“This is an exciting time for Oracle. Hiring 1,700 new colleagues will help to support growth across all lines of our EMEA business and reflects the demand which exists for our end-to-end provision of hardware and software which is designed and engineered to work together,” said Michael Toft, HR Director, Gulf & Saudi Arabia, Al-bawaba reports.

“That approach is proving hugely popular with customers and the resulting growth presents us with an opportunity to create more jobs across the region,” he added.

The hiring, quite interestingly, shows a reverse trend of what was seen in the company a couple of years back in 2009. Oracle, at that time, had cut several hundreds of jobs following the then-economic downturn, and the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.