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Scottish Parliament Unhappy With UK Broadband Fund Allocation

The Parliament of Scotland has expressed its sheer displeasure with the share of the broadband infrastructure fund allotted to it by the Department of Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.

According to the Parliament, the sum allocated to the region is simply unrealistic keeping in mind the vast amount of work to be done to equip Scotland with a far more efficient broadband infrastructure.

Cultural secretary Jeremy Hunt had announced on Tuesday that Scotland will be receiving £68 million out of the £530 million BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) fund in order to introduce superfast broadband infrastructure to the country.

The scheme proposed by the UK government aims at providing all residents and businesses in the entire region with broadband connections with a minimum speed of 2Mbps.

"This announcement from the UK Government has fallen short of the expectations of the Scottish economy to the overall costs of broadband rollout in the remote and rural parts of Scotland," Alex Neil, Scottish cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment, claimed on Tuesday, Zdnet reports.

"We do not regard the UK Government's allocation as a realistic contribution to meet Scotland's broadband requirements," he added.