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Six Degrees of Separation Theory Put to Test by Yahoo & Facebook

Yahoo has joined hands with social networking platform Facebook to conduct the ‘six degrees of separation’ experiment.

The ‘six degrees of separation’ theory suggests that everyone in the world is separated by merely six messages or less.

The companies will use Facebook’s 750 million strong user base to determine whether the theory actually holds up or not. Anyone with a Facebook account is eligible for taking part in the global experiment.

People participating in the experiment, known as ‘Senders’, will be asked to send a message to a ‘Target’ through one of their friends who will forward it further until it reaches the target.

The aim of the experiment is to determine how people are connected in the world and by how many degrees they are separated.

"You really couldn't have done this until very recently," said Duncan Watts, Yahoo's principal research scientist told Mercury News.

"It's a milestone, in terms of it's the kind of research question you can answer now that you could have imagined 50 years ago but that you couldn't have answered 50 years ago -- or even 15 years ago." he continued.

But, many believe that this experiment doesn’t hold much value and may turn out to be a waste of time.