Sony Introduces Cheapo PSP E-1000 Gaming Console

Sony has released a cheaper version of the current PSP-3000 portable gaming console at Gamescom; the new member of the family is called the PSP E-1000 and contrary to the current PSP it lacks Wi-Fi.

The E-1000 will be available from 99.99 Euros with a new range of PSP Essential titles costing 9.99 Euros each, bringing it closer to the price of mobile games.

Interestingly, the device only comes a few months after the PSP Go was discontinued; the reason being that Sony wanted to focus on the PlayStation Vita, but obviously some things have changed over the last quarter.

As expected, it will be compatible with the full catalogue of PSP games on UMD or from Playstation's own store via Media Go (possibly on Windows).

The rest of the specification hasn't been disclosed but it should be the same as the PSP-3000; it comes with a Charcoal Black finish, the same as on the new PS3 model, a 4.3-inch display with a 480x272 pixel ratio, Bluetooth and mini USB, AV-Out, Memory Stick PRO Duo, a Sony CPU & GPU chip clocked at 222MHz, 32MB RAM and 64MB onboard storage.

Sony hasn't yet disclosed when the console will be available in the UK and it will be interesting to see how it fares against the PSP 3000 which costs as little as £130. The Vita on the other hand carries a suggested retail price of £280.