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Teachers Getting Bullied Online Through Social Media

Adding more to the widespread fear amongst the older generation about their kids’ addiction with social media sites, the National Association of Head Teachers has issued a statement saying that sites like Facebook pose more severe threat to schools than inspectors do.

Facebook, Twitter and other such platforms may have proved their great advantages for professionals, as well as for those who want to keep in touch with their distant families or friends, but when it comes to the newly acquired addiction of today’s kids with such sites, these same platforms with great utilities for the elders, have been frowned upon by the elders themselves, such as parents, teachers and other concerned corners.

“Facebook is becoming a bigger fear for schools than Ofsted,” Russell Hobby, the National Association of Head Teachers’ General Secretary said in a statement, The Telegraph reports.

“Increasingly, social media are being used to fuel campaigns against schools and teachers. Twenty per cent of our members have received threats or abuse online – parents or ex-pupils being the most common source. The results can be devastating,” he added.

Earlier this week, the University of Plymouth released a report in which it claimed that teachers are being targeted by parents and children on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.