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VMware vSphere Pricing Debacle Opens Doors for Microsoft

The recent controversy involving the virtualization software maker VMware’s new licensing policy could bring some happy news for the Redmond Washington based software giant Microsoft Corp., which also happens to be the former’s most challenging rival in the virtualisation market.

VMware unveiled the fifth version of its vSphere products last month in July12. However the new licensing policy introduced by the company in association with these products failed to amuse a greater portion of the industry experts as well as the users, and needless to say, it eventually ended up causing some amount of controversy regarding the company’s stand on the issue.

“As users figured out what the policy meant to them, the blogosphere and VMware's own forums lit up with the sort of ire that only comes when intensely loyal customers feel they've been betrayed by their favorite vendor,” claimed Information Week in this report.

“The vSphere 5 cash grab was at best tone deaf to the budget situation of most of its customers, and too many, seemed just downright greedy,” he added.

The report was exclusively covered by Information Week, and according to the findings of their survey, a huge portion of VMware’s customers are now looking for a better, and cheaper licensing policy- something Microsoft can exploit rather heavily with its own virtual offering.