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Why Is Nintendo Launching The Wii Family Edition Now?

Nintendo announced this morning that it will release an updated version of its uber popular lounge gaming console, the Wii, nearly five years after the device was first released, for Christmas 2011.

Essentially, the Family Pack is a rehash of the existing Wii Bundle as it includes two of the best selling titles, Wii Sports and Wii Party. Nintendo hasn't yet confirmed whether the console will be sold on its own or only as part of a bundle.

The successor of the Wii, the Wii U, has already been confirmed and is set to be launched sometime next year starting from May 2012; one might wonder whether the launch of a new Wii unit is not a sign that the Wii U might not be coming as early as some might expect.

The cheapest Nintendo Wii on the market is currently on sale at Tesco for a mere £87 with the Wii Sports Resort game, while the same console with Wii Sports costs £99 at Asda, not a bad deal given that the game itself is worth £15.

As for the Wii Party game, it costs £22.98 at Amazon which means that the current total cost of the package is £123 which we shall assume will be the average selling price of the package.

It's worth noting that the new Wii is designed to sit in landscape mode, has a slightly redesigned disc slot mechanism, and like the Wii U won't be playing Gamecube games and won't be compatible with the controllers.