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£38.98 Corsair 4GB (2 x 2GB) XMS3 DHX Series DDR3 1333MHz 240-pin DIMM CL9

Corsair brings to you 2x2GB DDR3 DIMM with a clock speed of 1333MHz compatible with Intel and AMD Dual channel memory processors.

The XMS3 range of memory is the mainstream range of DDR3 memory offered by Corsair. The memory comes with XMS heat spreaders wherein each module is carefully built using selected RAMs. The 4GB RAM from Corsair would prove to be a good set of replacement if you are thinking of getting rid of your old RAM.

With the heat spreaders in place, the stability of the memory increased because of even heat dissipation, which in turn increased the performance of the RAMs. If the entire batch of Corsair 4GB XMS3 is used on a single system, the overall performance of the system would increase manyfold no matter how many resource hungry programs you are executing.

The technology behind the memory is DDR3 SDRAM with a data integrity check feature of Non-ECC. The DIMM comes with 240-pin. The vendor is also offering a limited life time warranty.

The latency of the Corsair 4GB XMS3 is 9-9-9-24 with type CL9 and the upgrade type is generic. The RAM also features unbuffered dual channel capability. Further information about the RAM can be obtained from manufacturer’s official page here.

The Corsair 4GB (2 x 2GB) XMS3 DHX Series DDR3 1333MHz 240-pin DIMM CL9 is available from for £38.98.