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AMNews: WebOS to Power Cars, Find More through Google Related, Cisco Behind Great Firewall of China?

HP has maintained and stressed from the very beginning that it hopes to persuade manufacturers to use its WebOS in a range of devices other than Smartphones and Tablet PCs. When Leo Apothekar made that statement, it was believed by experts and critics that WebOS will also be powering printers. However, WebOS chief Stephen DeWitt has revealed that HP is planning to use WebOS to power systems within cars and kitchen appliances and that the plans are already in the pipeline.

Google has revealed a new toolbar feature for Chrome which displays web pages related to the current web page being viewed on the web browser. The feature dubbed Google Related, has been launched as a Google Chrome Extension and Google Toolbar option and will allow users to see content relevant to the current web page they are viewing on the web browser.

Cisco has found itself in an awkward situation where it has been accused of having helped the Chinese government in web censorship and surveillance. The lawsuit filed by a group of Chinese political prisoners reveal that Cisco has lend a helping hand to the Chinese government in the Golden Shield Project which formed the Great Firewall of China.

Just recently we reported on the apparent delayed release of Apple's next generation iPad due to production constraints with display suppliers Samsung and LG. Now, according to the latest rumour, Apple will be investing $1 billion in a new Sharp factory that will produce screens for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices. Supposedly, the screen manufacturers were facing difficulties in producing the high resolution displays for the purported iPad 3, failing to meet Apple's requirements.

Stocks of Dell Inc. took a beating and fell by seven percent on Wednesday as the company reported lowered forecast for the complete financial year. Dell Inc., world’s second largest PC maker, on Tuesday missed the expectations of market analysts by 0.1 percent as the revenue generated from the computer sale in the second quarter of the current financial year was reported to be $15.7 billion. The analysts had estimated the revenue of $15.8 billion.