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Best Buy May Return 200,000 Unsold TouchPads

HP's TouchPad tablets have been selling no where near as well as hoped, and adding insult to injury, a leading US retailer has now given up on shifting its stocks of the tablet, AllThingsD (opens in new tab) suggests.

Best Buy has only managed to sell 25,000 TouchPads of the total 270,000 units they took in, according to the source who has apparently seen internal HP documents. Moreover, some of the tablets sold have been returned by unsatisfied customers for a refund.

With less than 10 per cent of the stock sold, Best Buy is apparently urging HP to take back the unsold tablets, which are now sitting in their storehouse, with no one interested in buying them.

When asked to comment on the reported dismal figures, HP refused to say anything about the All Things D report.

"HP is unable to provide a comment at this time," a company spokesperson said.

Allegedly, Hewlett Packard's executive vice-president Todd Bradley will soon have a meeting with Best Buy officials to ask the retailer to give them a little longer to kick-start the tablet's sales.

However, HP has had a number of attempts to lure customers into buying the TouchPad, mainly with a series of price cuts, which haven't seemed to have brought much success. The current price of the 16 GB TouchPad is $399.99, whereas the 32 GB model costs $499.99 - both versions being $100 less than their launch price just two months ago.

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