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ICANN Chief Rod Beckstrom To Step Down

Rod Beckstrom, the chief executive of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has announced that he will be leaving the organisation which is responsible for assigning web addresses, in July.

In a press release, ICANN informed that Beckstrom will be leaving the organisation after he completes his term on July 1st, 2011.

“I am incredibly proud of ICANN’s achievements throughout my tenure,” said Beckstrom.

“In two short years we have advanced this organization to a new level of professionalism and productivity, and turned it into a genuinely multinational organization that will serve the world community long after my time here,” he added.

Beckstrom has been responsible for many ground breaking accomplishments for the organisation including the negotiation and signing of the 2009 Affirmation of Commitments, which have greater powers to the organisation and signing an important deal with DNSSEC.

Next year, the organisation plans to launch top level domain names for companies, allowing them to acquire domain addresses based on their names. ICANN received a lot of criticism from several governments regarding the move.

“We have built a world-class executive team, and elevated ICANN’s stature through strategic relationships with governments, businesses, top technology firms and international organizations,” he added.