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Late News: Microsoft App Store, IBM Brainy Chip, Motorola Droid HD Leak And More

Microsoft has revealed that the company is indeed building an app store for its Windows 8 operating system for both tablets and personal computers. Microsoft has used the same term popularised by Apple’s App Store to refer to its own app store for Windows 8.

The chief executive of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Rod Beckstrom, has announced that he will be leaving the organisation which is responsible for assigning web addresses, in July. In a press release, ICANN informed that Beckstrom will be leaving the organisation after he completes his term on July 1st, 2011.

IBM has announced that the company has achieved a milestone in computing by designing a computer chip that can mimic the human brain to analyse, understand and interpret data. According to International Business Times, computer vendor IBM has already developed two chips based on a new computing technology that can easily analyse data, create hypotheses, and remember and learn from outcomes, in much the same way as the human brain.

After the much talked about acquisition of Motorola Mobility Inc. by Google, the company continues to grab the spotlight as images of Motorola’s highly anticipated Droid HD leaked on the web. Droid HD is the successor of Droid in the United States and Motorola Milestone in the United Kingdom. The leaked pictures reveal that the phone boasts of a 4.5 inch touch display screen with qHD resolution.

Apple Inc. has successfully managed to trademark the MagSafe technology for its products including iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac laptops. According to tech website Slash Gear, Cupertino, California-based software behemoth has been granted trademark over MagSafe technology by the US Patent and Trademark Office, to make Apple’s products safe and sound with MagSave magnetic charge port system.