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Microsoft Extends Warm Wishes To Linux on 20th Birthday

Software giant Microsoft has released an animated video marking the 20th anniversary of the open source Linux platform.

The video, which was shown during the keynote speech made by Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin at the LinuxCon conference, shows how Linux and Microsoft were opposed to each other since the beginning but now they are trying to accommodate each other.

In the animated (available below or here) video, a Linux penguin is seen throwing rocks at a Windows logo after former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates scares it by wearing a Halloween pumpkin.

The pumpkin was in reference to the infamous Halloween Documents in which Microsoft had laid down plans to counter the threat posed by open source Linux to its business.

However, in the animation, Bill Gates is seen bringing a birthday cake to the penguin in its igloo after which the penguin accepts it, giving room to the possibility of Microsoft and Linux working more closely in the future.

Zemlin, in his keynote speech, discussed the relationship Linux has had with Microsoft and also revealed that the software giant was the biggest code contributor to 3.0 version of Linux Kernal.

Watch the video here: