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Microsoft Unwraps ‘App Store’ Plans Under Windows 8

Software maker Microsoft has revealed that the company is indeed building an app store for its Windows 8 operating system for both tablets and personal computers.

Microsoft has used the same term popularised by Apple’s App Store to refer to its own app store for Windows 8.

Microsoft is locked in a legal battle with Apple to prevent it from trademarking the term ‘App Store’, claiming that it was a generic term and not exclusive to Apple.

In a blog post detailing the teams building the Windows 8 platform, Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky said that a team of 25-40 engineers was working to build the app store for Windows 8.

He said every feature on the platform has been assigned a particular team of 25-40 engineers. There are around 35 teams in total, he said.

“We have about 35 feature teams in the Windows 8 organization. Each feature team has anywhere from 25-40 developers, plus test and program management, all working together. Our teams are all focused on building a global product, and so some of our teams are located outside the US and are also delivering globally,” Sinofsky said.

Sinofsky also iterates that largely these teams have been organized into “fundamentals, devices and networking, core OS, developer experience, user experience, web services, and our engineering system."