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Noon News: Honeycomb Update for Motorola Xoom, Free iPhones Apps with Starbucks Coffee, Photovine Launched

Motorola customers in UK are all set to get the latest Android, the Honeycomb through the means of an update to Motorola Xoom. Motorola on Wednesday announced that its first tablet device, Xoom will get Android 3.2 Honeycomb update in the United Kingdom next month. Android 3.2 Honeycomb will bring app zoom feature to the device which will enable app that are not designed specifically for larger display screens, stretch and adjust with the size of the display. The Honeycomb update will enable users to stream audio and video from the microSD Card slot that was added to Xoom in the previous update.

Long standing partners, Starbucks and Apple have come up with an offer wherein customers of Starbucks will be given paid iPhone applications for free. The two companies have long been offering free songs from iTunes to Starbucks customers under the Pick of the Week scheme. Customers were able get free Pick of the Week cards from a Starbucks cash counter when they went to pay for coffee or snacks.

An ITC judge, who is looking over the Microsoft-Motorola lawsuit, has denied Google’s motion to bar one of Microsoft’s witnesses from testifying in court in the on-going lawsuit. Last week, Google had filed a motion in court, asking it to bar a witness produced by Microsoft, claiming that the company had allowed the witness to view Google’s Android source code without asking for Google’s permission.

Google, on Wednesday, released its community-based photo sharing application, entitled Photovine, to iPhone users. The app allows iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad users to click an image or pick anyone from the gallery of the iOS and share it with the pool of friends. Interestingly, the pictures can be snapped out to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but not Google Plus.

Amazon has given a boost to its newly launched publishing business by acquiring the rights to publish the latest book by America’s best-selling self-help guru Tim Ferriss. According to the New York Times, Amazon, the name behind leading e-book reader device the Kindle, has closed a deal with renowned self help guru for young men Tim Ferriss to publish his latest book The 4-Hour Chef.