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Photovine Made Public, Available for Free on iTunes App Store

Google Inc. on Wednesday released its community-based photo sharing application, entitled Photovine, meant for iPhone users to the masses.

The app allows iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad users to click an image or pick anyone from the gallery of the iOS and share it with the pool of friends. Interestingly, the pictures can be snapped out to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but not Google Plus.

The subtitle of the app, “Plant a photo, watch it grow.” explains how the app works on storytelling through pictures within a community.

The search engine giant has released Photovine for iOS users. The app which was already available in beta version for private use is now available for free download on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

On the app there are three options available: Fresh, Popular and Watching. Users can start what is called a vine with photos and caption or users can add their own photos to someone else’s vine.

The app which has been developed by Slide Inc., a company Google purchased last year to design and develop applications for social networking on different operating systems. Photovine does not consist of any link or logo that refers to its developer, Google or Slide.