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Retweet, Woot! Now Official as Oxford English Dictionary Turns 100

The latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary contains new technology inspired words like retweet, cyberbullying, sexting and woot.

The dictionary, which was first published in 1911, contains 400 new words among its 240,000 entries. The words were selected after they were entered in a massive database containing more than 2 billion words taken from websites and publications.

In the 12 edition of the dictionary, which also marks it centenary, Retweet has been defined as forwarding a message on Twitter, sexting has been defined as sending sexually explicit text messages and cyberbullying has been defined as using communications technology to intimidate or harass.

The first edition of the dictionary, which was created by brothers Henry and George Fowler, contained words like blouse, frock and neon.

"It's how the dictionary has always worked - we get as much evidence as we can so we know it's not just a small number of people using the word and it's not going to disappear. There's no official panel of cabinet ministers for new words or anything like that,” Angus Stevenson, the dictionary's editor told Channel 4 news.

“For example, woot - I don't use it personally, but that's not relevant. It's someone saying hurrah on Facebook, then their friends see it, and it spreads,” he continued, highlighting the impact of the internet and social media on the English language.