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Samsung Goes Green with New 30nm 32GB RDIMM

Samsung has dished out a DDR3 memory module for servers which gives higher performance and uses less power.

The server memory module comes with a 32GB RDIMM (Registered Dual-Inline Memory Module) which is capable of using 30 percent less power than regular memory modules by utilising 3.5 watts of power per hour.

The device, which has been designed using the 30nm manufacturing process, uses TSV (Through-Silicon Via) technology in order to save power. Samsung has stacked the chips on top of each other, which results in low power consumption while delivering speeds of up to 1,333 Mbps.

"These 32GB RDIMMs fully support the high-density and high-performance requirements of next-generation high-capacity servers," said Samsung's EVP of memory Wanhoon Hong during the launch of the module.

"We will keep providing memory solutions with higher performance and density, while enhancing shared value in the design of ever-greener server systems." he added.

Samsung has announced that it will continue lowering the power requirement of memory modules and plans to move to the 20nm manufacturing process, which will result in lower power consumption and higher performance.