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Samsung to Strengthen Bada as Google Acquires Motorola

Korean electronics giant Samsung’s chairperson has asked the company’s top management team to focus more on Bada, as well as in introducing some variations in the quality of the company’s smartphone devices.

The instruction issued by the company seem to be a desperate ploy to nullify Apple’s ever growing empire in the smartphone market, and search giant Google’s potentially game-changing move of acquiring Motorola.

According to a report by Reuters, Kim Soon-taek, the head of the Samsung Group briefed the local South Korean media about chairman Lee Kun-hee asking the company’s top managers for coming up with “various measures including M&As to enhance software competitiveness."

“After being briefed by Choi on the aftereffects of Google’s buyout of Motorola and progress in patent litigation against Apple, Chairman Lee urged them to strengthen Bada and focus on differentiating the quality of Samsung’s smartphones,” reads a report by the Korean daily Donga.

“At the meeting, senior Samsung executives are known to have agreed on significantly expanding the number of talented software developers,” it added.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s spirit would have lifted as a German court has temporarily removed the ban on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet sales in EU except Germany.