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Samsung’s SuperAMOLED 720p Screen Expected Soon Claims Report

Samsung, it seems, is working on Super AMOLED Plus HD displays and we can expect the announcements anytime soon.

An unnamed industry source and a Samsung supplier have reportedly confirmed the reports of the company putting a lot of efforts into the project.

According to a report by the website OLED-Info, Samsung has successfully obtained 720 pixels High definition resolution for smaller screen sizes by exploiting the PenTile matrix technology, and also that the new material is likely to assist in lower prices.

“I just had an interesting talk with two industry insiders (one of them is a Samsung supplier) - about Samsung's upcoming Super AMOLED HD display. It turns out that these displays are indeed real - and will be unveiled soon,” the OLED-Info reports.

“We can expect 5" to 6" smartphones in fall 2011 (the first will probably be the GT-I9220 with a 5.3" display) and 7" tablets by the end of 2011,” it added.

The market is also filled with rumors that Samsung, as well as a few other players in the market will soon come up with new handsets, equipped with 720p resolution.

If we do consider that Samsung will be able to come up with such a screen, would it be practical to have such a massive screen for a Smartphone and on top of that would it be possible to fit it the pocket of your jeans?