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Skype Wifi Offers iPad & iPhone Users A Million Global Hotspots

World’s leading web-based telephony provider Skype has launched a new application dedicated to Apple’s iOS users allowing them to use wireless broadband via one million hotspots around the world, paying on a per-minute basis.

According to tech website Mashable, Skype announced on Wednesday that the Skype WiFi app formerly known as Skype Access will be made available to iOS users for free, allowing them to connect to their Skype accounts via more than one million WiFi centres worldwide and remain in touch with their nearest and dearest.

“With Skype Credit you only pay for the minutes you use. So, there's no need to buy an hour or day WiFi voucher if you're only looking to check your email or make a quick Skype call," the company wrote in its official blog post.

For trial purposes, Skype is offering its users free 60 minutes of WiFi access during the upcoming weekend between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday night.

Microsoft Corporation is in talks with the Federal Trade Commission of the United States in order to gain regulatory approval for its acquisition of Skype. It remains to be seen whether the company will continue to develop specific services for different platforms such as Apple and Android post the acquisition.