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Starbucks Serves Free iPhone Apps with Coffee

Starbucks has partnered with Apple to offer paid iPhone applications for free to its customers every week.

The iPad maker and Starbucks have long been offering free songs from iTunes to Starbucks customers under the Pick of the Week scheme. Customers were able get free Pick of the Week cards from a Starbucks cash counter when they went to pay for coffee or snacks.

The card contains a code which can be entered in the iTunes App Store to avail the free song.

The same Pick of the Week scheme has now been expanded to offer paid applications for free and the first paid being offered to iPhone users is the Shazam Encore app which retails for $5.99 from the App Store, CNET reports.

The app allows users to recognise unknown songs and discover new music. The price of the app is far more than the $1 songs Apple used to offer for free earlier.

However, neither Apple nor Starbucks have confirmed whether the Pick of the Week scheme will include free apps and music both or they will be offering apps instead of songs.

The two companies share a long standing relationship with each other since 2007. Apple’s iTunes store has a special Starbucks section which can be accessed by users when they connect to Wi-Fi in a Starbucks outlet.