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Summary Judgement Appropriate Says Google in Oracle Lawsuit

Internet search giant Google has asked a California judge for allowing it to present a summary judgement on four issues regarding the company’s latest legal conflict with Oracle.

According to reports, the search behemoth’s lawyers filed the requests on late Tuesday. One of the requests filed by the company asked the judge to give a verdict that in case it loses the case, Oracle should collect damages starting the time when it had first notified Google about the alleged patent infringement, i.e. July 2010, and not any prior to that.

Apparently Google, as it seems, is taking shelter in the so called “marketing stature” which states that if a certain product does not carry an indication of any proper licenses of the patents involved in it, then the company cannot claim damages from an infringer until the time it officially sends a notification addressing about the infringement.

“Summary judgment with respect to these theories would greatly streamline the issues for trial because the vast bulk of Oracle’s infringement arguments are directed at devices that are manufactured and sold by third parties, thus requiring an indirect infringement theory,” reads Google’s appeal to the judge.