Apple Dragged to Court for Mac OS X Disk Utility

Software Restore Solutions has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming that Apple’s Disk Utility application violates its patent.

The patent troll filed the lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois and claims that Apple violates its US Patent number #5,832,511 titled ‘Workgroup network manager for controlling the operation of workstations within the computer network’.

Apple’s Disk Utility does not configure client systems on a network but Software Restore Solution claims that the application violates a certain section of the patent. The Disk Utility application is capable of repairing the permissions of system and user files.

The lawsuit targets every single version of Mac OS X operating system and also includes the devices which run the operating system.

This attempt by the patent troll is the not for the first time as it has used this patent to extort money from software vendors, Ars Technia reports.

Last year, Software Restore Solutions filed a patent infringement lawsuit against 26 software makers including Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Capcom, Citrix, Corel, Intuit, Sega, Skype, and THQ, citing violation of the 511 patent. The lawsuit result didn't go in favour of the patent troll in the end.