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Apple Takes Fake iPhone, iPad Accessory Retailers To Court

Apple has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against two retailers based in New York, accusing them of selling counterfeit Apple products.

According to recently unsealed court documents, Apple has accused both Apple Story and Fun Zone, both owned by New York resident Janie Po Chiang, of selling unauthorised and counterfeit accessories for its iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The company claimed that the accessories sold by the outlets were illegally branded with the Apple logo and had markings and phrases that are found on original Apple products, like “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”.

“Defendants are trading on and receiving the benefit of the goodwill Apple has established in the Apple trademarks through considerable labor and expense over many years,” Apple said in its complaint.

The court documents were kept under seal earlier due to trademark counterfeit law, which keeps the lawsuit under wraps until the counterfeit products have been seized. In the lawsuit, Apple has also asked the court to order Apple Story to change its name, so that customers don’t get confused.

The iPhone maker also plans to recover a list of all the individuals and businesses who have ever sold or purchased counterfeit goods in association with the sellers.