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Apple Instigates Fresh Attack on Samsung, Targets Supply Chain in EU

Apple has launched fresh assault on Samsung in Europe, asking the courts to order Samsung to recall all the Galaxy smartphones and tablets from European resellers.

According to The Register, Apple has written a letter to the Dutch courts, in which it claims that Samsung must write to the European resellers, ordering them to return the allegedly infringing products.

Samsung must ask them to return the stocks to Netherlands, from where Samsung handles the European distribution, Apple claims in the letter.

The iPhone maker also said that Samsung must inform the resellers that they must return the stock on time or they could be held responsible for infringing the same Apple patents as Samsung.

Apple decided to increase the pressure on Samsung after it managed to get Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Europe, a ban which lasted for less than a week. Apple said in the letter that Samsung must instruct resellers to send the products back in less than 14 days, at Samsung’s expense ofcourse.

Samsung was not available for comment as of now and the company is not expected to react to the move till the next hearing at the Dutch court, which is scheduled for next week.

"If this injunction is granted it could have 'significant implications' for the European market for smartphones and tablet" said Alastair Edwards, principal analyst at Canalys as cited by The Inquirer.