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British Man Charged For Hacking Facebook Server

A 25-year-old UK national has been busted for allegedly breaking into social networking giant Facebook’s servers, according to a report by PC Advisor.

The accused, named Glenn Steven Mangham is a resident of York, and has been charged with five offences under the Computer Misuse Act, which includes the likes of adapting as well as supplying software designed to enable users to breach Facebook’s servers.

Mangham, who was arrested by the e-Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police last June is currently on trial at Westminster magistrates' court.

Among the allegations levelled at the 25-year-old, is that he hacked into a Facebook puzzle server several times between April 27th and May 9th this year. The Facebook puzzle server was introduced by the company to let developers practice their developing-skills.

He has also been charged with attempting to breach the social media site’s 'mailman' server, used for managing email distribution lists.

“This is what can be described as a hacking case," observed Matthew McCabe, the lawyer for the prosecution.

Judge Nicholas Evans, in charge of the case suggested a rather drastic measure:

"The court feels it will be safer if there was no access to the internet which will reduce the temptation for your son to go on to Facebook."