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The Death Of Non-iPad 2 Tablets? Bestbuy Giving Away Galaxy Tab 10.1 With Samsung 3D TVs

Best Buy will be apparently giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet to consumers who purchase a 46-inch 3D Samsung television worth $1499.99 starting from this Sunday and for seven days only.

A spokesperson for Best Buy told the Wall Street Journal that the campaign was to encourage selling big screen televisions rather than tablets so it could well be linked with the perceived lack of sale from large format 3D TV from Samsung.

The move is surprising given that, unlike the HP TouchPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 appears to be a rather popular tablet at Best Buy outflanking the HP's tablet despite being launched very recently and costing significantly more at $499.99.

Still, it might not be such a great deal after all once the cost of the tablet is discounted; Mitsubishi for example has a 60-inch 3D DLP HDTV for under $1000 while LG is bundling its 47-inch 3D HDTV with four pairs of 3D glasses and a 3D Blu-ray Player for $999.99.

Even Samsung's own 51-inch 3D HDTV screen costs less than $100 and comes with two free pairs of 3D glasses although admittedly it is a Plasma model and doesn't look anywhere as sleek as the 46-inch Samsung 3D TV.

It would therefore be counterproductive to read too much into that promotion which happens to be exclusive to Best Buy and coincides with the news that Best Buy has been sitting on a large amount of TouchPad tablets.