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Google Nexus Prime To Face iPhone 5 In October

Google is likely to launch the Nexus Prime in October, after Apple launches the iPhone 5 according to a report from a Korean news website, Electronic Times.

The report written by jangjiyoung claims that the phone will be powered by a TI OMAP4460 chipset and will come with a Super AMOLED Plus HD display.

Like current rivals, the SoC is based on the Cortex A9 but features a PowerVR SGX540 rather than either Nvidia's or ARM's own graphics solutions.

In addition though, the OMAP4460 comes with two Cortex-M3 cores that allow the Cortex-A9 to offload less intensive tasks in a bid to improve power efficiency.

Electronic times notes that the screen of the Prime will use a 4.5-inch panel with a PenTile layout; the Super AMOLED Plus HD screen will almost certainly come from Samsung and is set to be a 1280x720 pixels display (with a 1.77:1 screen ratio), the minimum to get a HD sticker.

Motorola is usually the one mobile phone manufacturer who uses TI chipsets and although LG also used it in the Optimus 3D and the Optimus Black, the company, now part of Google, is likely to be the one in charge of the Nexus Prime.