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Google Updates Maps to Incorporate Weather Forecast

Google Inc. has incorporated a new features in its Google Maps feature under which users will be able to receive current information about the weather condition from anywhere across the world.

Users can easily activate the weather data layer by clicking a widget placed on the top right side of Google Maps page. As soon as the icon is clicked, weather details about the particular city such as weather prediction for next few days, current temperature, level of humidity and wind conditions, appear in a separate window in no time.

According to tech website PC World, Mountain View, California-based search engine has collaborated with The Weather Channel and Naval Research Laboratory of the United States of America to offer its users current and correct information about the weather conditions of any particular place around the globe.

According to the information made available by user experience designer at Google Inc., Sarah Jones, users can easily change the unit of temperature and wind speed easily.

“Changing the units of wind speed (Mph/KMph) and temperature (F/C), and enabling or disabling the clouds (when you’re zoomed out), can also be done from the left-hand panel.” the designer wrote in the official blog post.